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Keystep Review

In a market flooded with a large selection of MIDI keyboards it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to choose the best one for your needs and your budget. Luckily, with the Arturia Keystep you might be getting one of the best MIDI keyboard controllers on the market at its price range. Build quality: Let’s start …

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Beatstep Pro Review

The ArturiaBeatstep Pro is a really powerful polyphonic sequencer which can also function as a MIDI controller. It is also a big improvement over the normal version at an affordable price. Beatstep Pro Review Summary The BeatStep Pro is the perfect sequencer for live performances. While you may be tempted by the lower price of the Beatstep …

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Rekordbox vs Serato

Rekordbox vs Serato

History of Serato DJ Pro Serato has existed since they released their first product in 1999. In 1997, co-founder Steve West was a University of Auckland student learning to play bass guitar on the side. Steve wanted to slow down complicated bass solos without altering the pitch. Frustrated with the sub-par tools available at the …

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DJ-505 Controller

Roland DJ 505 review

By Terence Tso The 2 channel controller market has always been somewhat under-represented. The grand majority of 2 channel controllers available tend to be of the entry-level variety – cheaply made, lacking in options for professional inputs and outputs, being unable to function as a proper audio mixer with DVS functionality.  For DJs looking for a …

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Numark DJ2GO2 DJ Controller

Best Gifts for DJs

You know, having a DJ friend can be pretty cool. Often,they can get you access to the hottest parties in town, spice up your evening and to top it all,maybe they’ll even give you free tickets for their next gig. When Christmas comes around, you need to find a way to pay back your DJ …

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Key requirements of a DJ’s laptop

Best Laptop for DJing

DJing is among the few professions where an individual can besolely responsible for an event’s success or failure. How you perform as a DJ is dependent on style and techniques learned through years of practice. One aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked though is your equipment. Having the right mixer, speakers, and of course the perfect …

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VIRTUAL DJ 2020 Hardware


For most DJs, you’ll come to a crossroads early in your DJ career. What DJ software should you use? From Rekordbox to Serato to Virtual DJ and others, there are a variety of options to choose from. Today, we’ll be looking at Virtual DJ and going over it’s features and capabilities. Virtual DJ helps artists finetune …

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The Secret DJ

DJing books

It requires a lot more than just technical knowledge to keep hordes of party mongers dancing all night. You have to be a wizard who casts mesmerizing spells with his beats and in doing so; you need to be dynamic and versatile. However, when it’s time to pull the plugs out of the systems, the way …

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pioneer ddj-rb review rekordbox

Rekordbox review

In the world of DJing software, there are only a couple of choices and two reign supreme: Rekordbox and Serato. I’ve been using Rekordbox for pretty much my entire DJ career so here’s a honest down-to-earth Rekordbox review drawn from my personal experiences. I also threw in a comparison of Rekordbox vs Serato for those …

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djing vinyl vs digital beatmatching

Vinyl vs CDJ vs DJ Controllers: Which One is Right for You?

The history of DJing is a story of technology and technique intertwined to optimize the art of music mixing. Andin the recent decade, there’s been more opportunities to jump in without years of collecting records and equipment allowing anybody to give it a shot. I’ll be loosely discussing the main three professional setups and explain …

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best DJ tables

Best DJ Tables

When you are DJing in front of an audience, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind if you want to become their favorite. The way you perform, your beats, your interaction with the audience, and the way you move; everything you do, creates a long-lasting image in their mind. …

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Denon DJ MC4000 box

Denon MC4000 Review

Cut-throat competition has really brought the best out of audio and video production companies. With most products today, you can find three-tiers for every product – entry-level, mid-range and flagship. Nobody wants to buy the cheapest dj controller they can find (If you do though, check out this article on the best cheap dj controllers!). …

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