Top 8 Best DJ Cases to Protect Your Gear

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You’ve heard the names – Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Alesso, and Hardwell. And as you already know, all of them tour throughout the year.

From country to country and venue to venue, these DJs tend to make every night spectacular regardless of the location and the size of the audience they’re performing for.

With that much travel though, it’s essential for each of them to keep their equipment safe. That’s where a DJ Controller Case comes in. Today, we’ll be going through the best DJ controller cases needed to keep your equipment safe while you’re on the go.

IMAGE PRODUCTWeightDimensions
Top PickGator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack
31.00” L, 16.75” W, 6.50” HAll 27″ Controllers – Pioneer DJ DJ, Pioneer DDJ-RX, DDJ-SX, DDJ-SX2, and mini-synths such as the Roland GAIA SH-1 Check Price
Best Cheap DJ CaseKhanka Hard Travel Case Khanka Hard Travel Case
22.4 x 11.2 x 3.1 inchesNumark Mixtrack (all versions) Check Price
Pioneer DJ DJC-B Bag Pioneer DJ DJC-B Bag
20.5” L, 11.8” W, 3.9” HPioneer DJ, DDJ-RB, DDJ-SB, DDJ-SB2 Check Price
Best DJ Carry BagBUBM Lightweight Molded EVA Storage Case BUBM Lightweight Molded EVA Storage Case
22.7” L, 15.4” W, 2.8” HPioneer DDJ SR SR2 RR, Denon MC4000, Numark NVII, Mixtrack Pro 3 NV Platinum Check Price
Best Flight CaseOdyssey FZGSDJC1 DJ Carrying Case Odyssey FZGSDJC1 DJ Carrying Case
18.25” L, 24.75” W, 8.75” HMedium Size Gear – such as Pioneer DDJ-SB, Numark mixtrck Pro II, and tractor control S2/S4 Check Price
Magma DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) Hardshell Case Magma DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) Hardshell Case
28” L, 16” W, 4” HFits Pioneer DDJ-SX2, ddj-sx, DDJ-RX Check Price
Best Hard CaseHard Case for Pioneer DJ DD-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 DJ / DDJ-400 Controller Hard Case for Pioneer DJ DD-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 DJ / DDJ-400 Controller
20.8” L, 12” W, 3.6” HPioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 DJ / DDJ-400 Controller or DDJ-RB Check Price
Best DJ Controller Case with WheelsGator Cases G-TOUR Series DJ Controller Road Case with Sliding Laptop Platform Gator Cases G-TOUR Series DJ Controller Road Case with Sliding Laptop Platform
21.3” L, 9.4” W, 33.6” HDJ controllers of all sizes Check Price

Why do you need a DJ Case?

Cases for DJ controllers are designed to safeguard and protect one of the most expensive pieces of equipment a DJ owns: their DJ controller.

Whether you’re just getting started as a mobile DJ or are world renowned traveling to different countries to play sets, you’re going to need a DJ Case.

It helps protect your equipment while you’re in transit. When you’re first starting out, you’ll probably just use some bubblewrap and maybe a well padded backpack.

However, as you progress and your equipment becomes a little more expensive, you’ll want to protect it more and more. For that, you need a great case for your DJ controller. 

Types of DJ Cases

Before I list down the best DJ controller cases, first lets explore the field. There are different types of DJ cases. These include Carry Bags, Flight Cases, and Hard Cases. Let us look at each one in detail.

DJ Cases

Carry Bag

Carry bags tend to be best for traveling shorter distances. They’re designed to be worn similar to a backpack and are pretty comfortable. Materials such as nylon and padded material are used in the production and fabrication of these carry bags.

Carry Bag

The big limitation for carry bags is that they only provide limited protection for your DJ controller. The material used to make the bag is soft and padded but if you drop it hard enough, your DJ controller will be damaged. Thus, these are mostly meant as a way to carry your DJ controller from place to place – not for long journeys.

Carry bags also tend to be the least expensive type of DJ case – likely because they’re more similar to a backpack than to a proper DJ equipment case.

Flight Case

DJ Controller flight cases tend to be a good long-lasting option for DJs constantly on the go. They are sturdy and durable and generally last for a longer period compared to other cases which ultimately saves you money. Besides, your controller will be extremely secured in flight cases.

Flight Case

One drawback of flight cases is that they are often heavy and expensive. Most DJs who get flight cases are (duh!) flying a lot. In an airplane luggage hold, you have no idea what kind of abuse your luggage may go through.

While I would always recommend carrying on your essential DJ equipment (if possible), if you’re flying a lot, you’ll probably need a proper flight case.

Hard Case

The Hard Controller case is a mixture of both the carry bag and flight case. The material used to manufacture a hard case is a combination of shock-resistant plastic (for the outside) and protective inner foam (for the inside).

Hard Case

Therefore, this case provides all the necessary features such as durability, portability, comfort, and protection to your controller. In my mind, the hard case is a great option in between the carry bag and the flight case. While each of those cases do have their uses, 75% of DJs should start with a hard case for their DJ controller before moving onto a different case.

So, without any further ado, let us dive into the best DJ cases.

Best DJ Controller Cases

Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack

Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack

Check Price Now

If you are looking for a multi-tasker controller DJ case, the Gator Case Club Series DJ Backpack is the one for you. This bag is spectacular for all types and sizes of controllers. It astonishingly fits the largest size of controllers such as the DDJ-RX, DDJ-SX, and DDJ-SX2.


This case is well manufactured to keep your controller safe and protected plus it is quite light on your shoulders and durable. The case consists of many foamed pockets to fit in almost all  ofyour required equipment. Moreover, it is exquisitely padded for any fragile and heavy controller and it is water-resistant – perfect for when you have to walk in the rain to a new gig.

It is quite alluring with the orange interior accents and a sporty rugged nylon exterior that is all black. It comes with two large padded pocket zipper compartments for laptops and collapsible laptop stands.

There are two large pockets on the exterior for accessories and extra cables. In addition, it comes with shoulder straps and handles that are removable and can be adjusted according to your preference.


Interior: 29.00” L, 15.00” W, 4.00” H.

Exterior: 31.00” L, 16.75” W, 6.50” H.

Weight: 5.40 pounds.

Best Cheap DJ Case

Khanka Hard Travel Case

Khanka Hard Travel Case

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If you want a budget-friendly and low-cost controller case, the Khanka Hard Case is the best fit. It is precisely designed for your NumarkMixtrack 3 but it does fit other DJ controllers as well.Overall it is petite, durable, and comes in a bargain price.


This small controller case is a hard case and is manufactured from shock-resistant plastic. It is extremely safe as the exterior is covered with hard quality Eva semi-waterproof material. The case is durable, lightweight, and shockproof. Therefore, gives maximum protection to your controller.

Moreover, it consists of sturdy hand straps for easy portability. The interior is designed to have dense foam and good quality velvet to avoid any buffers. It has enough space inside to fit in your cables and accessories.


Exterior: 22.4 x 11.2 x 3.1 inches

Weight: 2 pounds.

Pioneer DJ DJC-B Bag:

Pioneer DJ DJC-B Bag

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This Petite controller case is perfect for your small-sized controller and comes with great value. It is best fit for models such as DDJ-RB, DDJ-SB, DDJ-SB2, moreover, the case provides a precut egg-foam insert for the DDJ-WEGO4 and the DDJ-WeGO3.


It is manufactured with sturdy materials like ballistic polyester and has a molded body of EVA Durashock. Thereby it is shockproof and the egg-foam gives utmost protection to your controller.

Moreover, to prevent any damages from shocks and vibrations, the case has fleeced lining. You can also store the WEGO series in this small case.


Exterior: 20.5” L, 11.8” W, 3.9” H.

Weight: 2.3 pounds.

Best DJ Carry Bag

BUBM Lightweight Molded EVA Storage Case:

BUBM Lightweight Molded EVA Storage Case

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The BUBM Lightweight Molded Eva Storage case is a perfect fit for a carry bag case. Its sleek and seamless design is best to carry your controllers and provides you the ultimate performance.

You can fit models including the Pioneer DDJ RR, Pioneer DDJ SR2, Pioneer DDJ SR, Denon MC4000, NUMARK NVII, NUMARK Mixtrack Pro 3, NUMARK NV, NUMARK Mixtrack Platinum.


This case is manufactured with nylon and a sponge in the interior. It is water-resistant and shockproof, thereby giving you the ultimate protection for your controller and accessories. You can carry your cables, accessories, and decks. It is quite fashionable and premium with good quality buffer sponge.


Exterior: 22.7” L, 15.4” W, 2.8” H.

Best Flight Case for DJs

Odyssey FZGSDJC1 DJ Carrying Case:

Odyssey FZGSDJC1 DJ Carrying Case

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The Odyssey FZGSDJC1 DJ Carrying Case is best suited for medium-sized controllers that include the Pioneer DDJ-B, NumarkMixtrack Pro II, etc. It has a hard case outer body, durable, and gives 100% protection to your controller.


The Odyssey FZGSDJC1 carrying case has a blatant platform of sliding laptop. It is manufactured with sturdy covered sides that built from aluminum reinforcement. It is an ideal flight case with sunken handles and latches. It is a heavy-duty, thereby heavy for your shoulders.

The interior of this case comes with an adjustable foam and blatant pending bevel. Besides, it has rubber feet on the bottom of the case. Thus, giving your controller and accessories the utmost protection.


Exterior: 18.25” L, 24.75” W, 8.75” H.

Magma DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) Hardshell Case:

Magma DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) Hardshell Case

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The Magma DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) is an incredible case to protect your controller. It is simple and extremely lightweight, thereby can be easily carried around everywhere. It fits large models such as Pioneer DDJ-SX2, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SX.


Its outer body is manufactured with a hard-shell to give the highest safety to your controller. A premium quality case that is manufactured with EVA Durashock molded foam and water-resistant polyester; thereby it is waterproof and shockproof. It does not come with any exterior pockets but a shoulder strap to easily wrap around your shoulder.

Moreover, the interior is created with padded foam to prevent any damage to your controller. This case has great value for premium quality.


Exterior: 28” L, 16” W, 4” H.

Weight: 3 pounds.

Best Hard Case for DJs

Hard Case for Pioneer DJ DD-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 DJ / DDJ-400 Controller:

Hard Case for Pioneer DJ DD-SB3-DDJ-SB2 DJ-DDJ-400 Controller

Check Price Now

The ideal option for a hard controller case is the Hard Case for Pioneer DJ. It has the perfect blend of portability, durability, and quite cheap for your pockets. It is considered a great value for the provided quality. It fits models such as Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 or DDJ-SB2 or DDJ-400 or DDJ-RB’ DJ Controller.


For the price, it tends to give the supreme protection to your controller. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. It is quite light-weighted with an easy handle grip. Moreover, it is travel friendly and can store a good amount of accessories and cables. The material used to manufacture this case is premium quality EVA.


Interior: 19.5” L, 11.3” W, 2.8” H.

Exterior: 20.8” L, 12” W, 3.6” H.

Weight: 2 pounds.

Best DJ Controller Case with Wheels

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series DJ Controller Road Case with Sliding Laptop Platform:

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series DJ Controller Road Case with Sliding Laptop Platform

Check Price Now

If you are on a hunt for a controller case with wheels, then look no further. The Gator Cases G-TOUR Series will be the ideal gear for you. It is stylish, luxurious, all in one, and gives the best performance. It fits the controller models such as the Pioneer dd-j1000 and DDJ-1000srt.


This case is heavy-duty, sturdy hardware with wheels. It is equipped with a sliding platform that functions as a laptop stand to easily place and hold your laptop and other DJ equipment. A tour style case that is ideal for a perfect set up of your entire music base and equipment. It comes with a spring rubber handle grips and sunken twist latches.

The interior has the protection of ultra-durable and soft Eva foam paddinggiving 100% protection to your controller. Moreover, it provides a removable front panel and gives easy access to your accessories and cables. It is considered the ultimate beaststanding apart from all the other cases.


Exterior: 21.3” L, 9.4” W, 33.6” H.

Weight: 40.1 pounds.


As mentioned above, once you start moving from venue to venue and even traveling for your DJ career, choosing the best DJ case is essential to protecting your equipment. For me personally, I prefer a hard case instead of a soft shell back pack. I like the portability of a hard case along with affordable price.

Flight cases tend to be a little too heavy for me to want to carry around everywhere. What do you think? Do you disagree vehemently with some of the choices on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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