Virtual DJ Review

Virtual DJ Review [2024 Update]

For most DJs, you’ll come to a crossroads early in your DJ career. What DJ software should you use? From Rekordbox to Serato to Virtual DJ and others, there are a variety of options to choose …

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8 Best Budget DJ Controllers

6 Best Budget DJ Controllers

As a DJ you might have found yourself in a position where buying equipment becomes more of a crucial need rather than a desire. Most of the DJs find themselves in this position when they …

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Beginners guide to DJ equipment gear

Beginners Guide to DJ Equipment & Gear

This is the essential guide for beginners who are ready to buy their first setup. We look at all of your equipment options and explain everything from cables and speakers, to controllers and digital vinyl …

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Best iPad DJ Controllers

7 Best iPad DJ Controllers: Our Complete Guide

The iPad’s portability and convenience coupled with its ability to perform a multitude of tasks has helped reshape many professions including DJing. Considering the fact that DJs are always on the move and they cannot …

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals

Looking to pick up some DJ gear without breaking the bank? These next few days are your BEST time to do so. Many manufacturers and DJ stores are running sitewide deals that will save you …

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How To Organize Your DJ Music Library

How to Organize Your DJ Music Library

When creating a performance-worthy set, you rely on your music library almost 100 percent to find the gems that compliment your creativity. However, finding such gems is not that easy as we DJs tend to …

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dj app for iphone

Best iPhone DJ Apps

Apple devices have quite a reputation among DJs owing to their stability and reliability. When it comes to mobile DJing, most DJs prefer iPhones to create or mix sounds. Their compact size and compatibility with …

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