Numark TTUSB Review

Numark TTUSB Review

Vinyl records hold a special place in a DJs heart. They not only help seize the rich legacy of Djing but often supplement mixing making any set special and memorable. If you’re interested in ACTUAL Djing, you need a system that allows you to play and record the vinyl seamlessly. A DJ turntable with the necessary ports and …

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Best DJ Courses

Best DJ Courses

When you’re in the market for the best DJ course, it can be hard to choose. After all, most DJ courses are pretty expensive (around $50 – $150 usually). The last thing you want to do is pay for something that wasn’t worth it. Although I was very anti-course at first, at this point I’ve …

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Build quality1

Keystep Review

In a market flooded with a large selection of MIDI keyboards it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to choose the best one for your needs and your budget. Luckily, with the Arturia Keystep you might be getting one of the best MIDI keyboard controllers on the market at its price range. Build quality:Contents1 Build quality:2 …

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Beatstep Pro Review

The ArturiaBeatstep Pro is a really powerful polyphonic sequencer which can also function as a MIDI controller. It is also a big improvement over the normal version at an affordable price. Beatstep Pro Review SummaryContents1 Beatstep Pro Review Summary2 Connections3 Design4 How does the Beatstep Pro work5 Beatstep: Additional Features6 Beatstep Pro: My Thoughts7 Beatstep vs Beatstep …

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Rekordbox vs Serato

Rekordbox vs Serato

History of Serato DJ ProContents1 History of Serato DJ Pro2 History of Rekordbox3 Things to Look for in a DJ Software3.1 User Interface3.2 Budget3.3 Hardware compatibility3.4 Expansion Packs4 Serato vs Rekordbox: Main Similarities&Differences4.1 Rekordbox only works with Pioneer DJ software.4.2 Rekordbox has better metadata handling/collection capabilities4.3 Serato DJ Pro has a lifetime license – Rekordbox …

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DJ-505 Controller

Roland DJ 505 review

By Terence Tso The 2 channel controller market has always been somewhat under-represented. The grand majority of 2 channel controllers available tend to be of the entry-level variety – cheaply made, lacking in options for professional inputs and outputs, being unable to function as a proper audio mixer with DVS functionality.  For DJs looking for a …

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Numark DJ2GO2 DJ Controller

Best Gifts for DJs

You know, having a DJ friend can be pretty cool. Often,they can get you access to the hottest parties in town, spice up your evening and to top it all,maybe they’ll even give you free tickets for their next gig. When Christmas comes around, you need to find a way to pay back your DJ …

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