Pioneer DDJ-SR Review

Pioneer DDJ-SR Review: A Timeless Classic

Today we’re going to talk about my experiences with the Pioneer DDJ-SR controller. The Pioneer DDJ-SR was my first exposure to something that resembles a “real” DJ set-up.  I had pushed my borrowed DDJ-WeGo to the …

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Mackie CR3 Review

Mackie CR3 Review: Worth It or Not?

No other brand understands the world of sound like Mackie. For years the company has created products that are tailored to provide DJs, sound engineers, and music producers the sound clarity that impresses the audience. …

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how to beatmatch

How to Beatmatch like a Pro DJ

Do you want to spin a more coherent set? Some DJs get a bad reputation for just being “button pushers.” Many think that all you do is consistently press the “Play” button. However, DJing involves …

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Audio Technica DJ Turntable Review

Audio Technica AT-LP1240 USB Review

When talking about a world-class turntable that costs less than $500, there is only one company that can make this possible i.e. Audio Technica. It is one of the few sound equipment manufacturers that offer premium …

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Virtual DJ Review

Virtual DJ Review [2022 Update]

For most DJs, you’ll come to a crossroads early in your DJ career. What DJ software should you use? From Rekordbox to Serato to Virtual DJ and others, there are a variety of options to choose …

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