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dj app for iphone

Best iPhone DJ Apps

Apple devices have quite a reputation among DJs owing to their stability and reliability. When it comes to mobile DJing, most DJs prefer iPhones to create or mix sounds. Their compact size and compatibility with all kinds of DJ equipment are some of the common reasons that make them a suitable option. If you’re planning …

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Do DJs need a License?

For aspiring DJs, playing mainstage is a dream. However, one point of confusion for many DJs is the licensing requirements. Can you get in trouble for playing your music? Do you have to pay royalties? Don’t worry – today we’ll get to the bottom of this. First, realize that 99% of DJs have NOTHING to …

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Best DJ Courses

Best DJ Courses

When you’re in the market for the best DJ course, it can be hard to choose. After all, most DJ courses are pretty expensive (around $50 – $150 usually). The last thing you want to do is pay for something that wasn’t worth it. Although I was very anti-course at first, at this point I’ve …

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Rekordbox vs Serato

Rekordbox vs Serato

History of Serato DJ Pro Serato has existed since they released their first product in 1999. In 1997, co-founder Steve West was a University of Auckland student learning to play bass guitar on the side. Steve wanted to slow down complicated bass solos without altering the pitch. Frustrated with the sub-par tools available at the …

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CUEUP DJ name generator


Exceptional talent, top-class DJing gear, extensive hours of practice, an upper-hand on DJ effects, ready to step into the DJing wolrd? There is something really important that you are missing out that can determine your fate as a DJ – your DJ name. Many aspiring DJs do not pay much attention and end up adopting boring monikers …