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DJ Courses Online

Learn all of the skills you need to become a capable DJ quickly. With a subscription, you’ll receive:

  • 14 different courses on learning DJ Skills
  • Downloadable exercise files to practice your skills
  • Unique guides and templates to getting your first gig

 $29.99  $19.00/month


14 courses covering all aspects of DJing….

DJ Techniques I, II, and III

Learn how to beatmatch then start building your first mix as you get familiar with transitions and different effects!

Ultimate Guide to Serato DJ

Discover the power of Serato & it’s advanced functionality with this course.

How to DJ Masterclass

This course covers absolutely everything you need to become a good DJ.

Using Ableton Live to Spice Up Your Sets

Master this powerful software for mixing and adding DJ effects to your mixes on the fly.

Advanced DJ Techniques I, II, And III

You’ll learn backspinning basics, variations, percussion, and advanced transitions.

How to use Traktor

Shorten your learning curve with this quick course on using Traktor. Designed for beginners all the way to advanced users.

How To Land Gigs & Get Paid

Discover this unique method to finding gigs and starting your career as a DJ

Using Mixed In Key to It’s Full Potential

Learn how the best DJs in the world use this software to manage harmonics and create smooth mixes.


Build a strong foundation of skills

Watched by 1,000s of students, the DJ Techniques course is the most popular course in the bundle. Subscribe now to learn:

  • How to use song structure and effects to put together great sounding mixes quickly
  • How to scratch and learn why it’s one of the most difficult skills to master
  • How to spice up any set with advanced techniques to keep the crowd going


Instructor spotlight

A DJ of more than 25 years, DJ TLM has been a club DJ, turntablist, and tour DJ with a platinum artist. He’s played more than 3,500 shows to millions of people and put out more than 40 mixtapes. 

On Youtube, he has some of the most popular videos for how to DJ. In these exclusive courses for DJ Courses Online, he goes more in-depth setting out a foundation for DJs of all levels.


hear from
past customers

These videos follow a logical order and that was big for me. I needed a reliable DJ instructor that could guide me from start to finish so that I could get on my feet and book some real shows.

Johan L., Ohio

These courses were perfect for me, very comprehensive, and I was able to hit the ground running right away. I’ve been able to progress so much quicker now – to the point that I’ve got my own booking agent!

Alex A., California

For the price, it’s totally worth it. Compared to how much I’ve invested in my music career, this breaks down to nearly nothing – but I got so much out of it.

Josh I. , New York

30 days money back guarantee

Each sale comes with an iron clad, no questions asked, 30 days money back guarantee. Sign up, watch all of the videos and if you’re not satisfied, get all of your money back!