Day: May 28, 2020

The Secret DJ

DJing books

It requires a lot more than just technical knowledge to keep hordes of party mongers dancing all night. You have to be a wizard who casts mesmerizing spells with his beats and in doing so; you need to be dynamic and versatile. However, when it’s time to pull the plugs out of the systems, the way …

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pioneer ddj-rb review rekordbox

Rekordbox review

In the world of DJing software, there are only a couple of choices and two reign supreme: Rekordbox and Serato. I’ve been using Rekordbox for pretty much my entire DJ career so here’s a honest down-to-earth Rekordbox review drawn from my personal experiences. I also threw in a comparison of Rekordbox vs Serato for those …

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djing vinyl vs digital beatmatching

Vinyl vs CDJ vs DJ Controllers: Which One is Right for You?

The history of DJing is a story of technology and technique intertwined to optimize the art of music mixing. Andin the recent decade, there’s been more opportunities to jump in without years of collecting records and equipment allowing anybody to give it a shot. I’ll be loosely discussing the main three professional setups and explain …

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